How do know blackberry suspend and unsuspend

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There are several ways to find Blackberry suspend and unsuspend, here we will explain how to check it as follows:

Preliminary checks:
Check the pin and IMEI Number in the unit (Option-status)/Alt-Cap-H
Check the pin and IMEI Number in place of the battery
Check the pin and IMEI Number in the box.
Make sure all three together and really original, not homemade (patch)
It may be added to check the batteries, if new in tin plate should not be any point/any blisters (because many who replaced former)

BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) must be active at least once or operator simcard is already in the list!
Open in
(Xxx = the network provider / operator you)

Then enter the Create New Account:
When the contents of Pin and IMEI and click Next to exit the inscription:

1. Your device has not yet been registered with the network .....
This condition is due to the pin and imei UNSUSPEND still fresh.

2. The Blackberry is registered with another provider / carrier .............
There are two conditions, namely:
a. It is pin and imei fresh charge is usually from abroad (outside of our provider)
b. Pin and emei is fresh and there is probably already in use outside of our providers.
Steps to be done is to turn on the BlackBerry network - Option - STATUS and type BUYR. If completely new Voice and data usage must be 0, and if it has exceeded ... means SECONDHAND (hati!)
But when it New 2.5 kb (still little) may be opened to unlock needs. But try to find a 0
To-2 condition is risky to suspend so try to ask for a PIN WARRANTY Suspend (in the sense that if suspend can be exchanged)

3. Your account is already registered .....
There are two conditions:
a. Goods used goods (refurbished) and have been in use by the provider (BUYR check to be sure)
b. Or new items (BUYR = 0) but the pin is already being cloned and registered with the provider.
Condition 3 is risky to suspend so try to ask for a PIN WARRANTY Suspend (in the sense that if suspend exchanged)

4. Your Account is Suspended ......
Unable to BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) Telephone and sms but only just (or written "your pin and imei is INVALID ...")
Recommendation: DO NOT BUY !!!!!!

AFAIK suspend condition due to:
1. Condition of the PIN and IMEI have been tercloning elsewhere
2. Goods stolen
3. Goods are bought with a contract system in the State but were brought illegally imported.
4. There are other legal matters.

Save your pin and imei (boxes are stored).
Do you often lent Backberry.
Do not often share the pins to people who do not clear or in social networks, etc..
Buy the official carrier
Buy in store recommendation
Buy at stores that have the internet to check all of the above
Do not want to if the love reply AZERTY or QWERTZ button, find the QWERTY (easier to checking only)

(So you received in order and direct use)

How to kick PIN:
Suppose there are stuck in Blackberry PIN A and Blackberry B working well.
Terms blackberry A and Blackberry B signal has a large GPRS, and standby around 5'-10 '.
1. Log in to Blackberry webclient ( with the username Blackberry B in PC or opera mini.
2. Select change device (menu on the left side), enter the PIN and IMEI Blackberry A and save.
3. SSB (send service book), to a Successful, standby 1'-2 '.
4. Select the device change again, enter the PIN and IMEI Blackberry B and save.
5. SSB again, until Successful, standby 1'-2 '.
6. Wipe handheld Blackberry A.
7. Blackberry A can now be used to create the username again.
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TEST International Number Plans
To test whether your Blackberry Imei according to the type of your Blackberry. This is to ensure if it means different clones of your Blackberry.

How do know blackberry suspend and unsuspend
That is kind of new and your Blackberry is still new and there is no complete data. You do not have to fill in later will just let itself automatically filled in if you are already using them for a certain period of time

How do know blackberry suspend and unsuspend
Entry through the Blackberry is in the setting-mail settings

Maybe these tips from our aja hopefully useful when there is a shortage could be added in the comments

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