How to remove / uninstalled application list from BlackBerry App World

Posted by BBCyber on Monday, October 3, 2011

Often install applications via blackberry and often uninstall applications that are not useful after trying. however, each mslhnya already uninstalled, in the list (my world) it seems though it still leaves marks on reboot again and again, aliases are still there even though his writings were written application Unistall ... want the delete but no optionnya .
Remove net apps uninstalled from appworld

how to open the Blackberry app. world, at home screennya TKN: Alt + R S T - after 1-2 seconds Blackberry app. world will close automatically (or can be more blackberry app. worldnya new close about 1 minute) and once again open the list is now live applications are installed only.

for STORM: in "my world" -> position the screen at the position of "landscape" -> press the menu button and activate the on screen keyboard -> PRESS and HOLD the button !? 123 (lasting a few seconds before and do not off) and press 34 (

Blackberry app. World latest version (which will need to log in to your "my world") can not be this way because the data seem not stored on the blackberry, but stored in a "virtual" in the internal memory and the original BlackBerry RIM stored on the server (so it should not add blackberry's internal memory usage) ... already tested in ONYX 2 => result => the first try is lost and log out of "my world".

may be useful

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