How to watch youtube videos on BlackBerry

Posted by BBCyber on Sunday, October 2, 2011

You can watch Youtube videos on your Blackberry phone. After trying hard to view Youtube videos through Youtube website on your Blackberry Phone and fed up with the Error messages, I will give you a step by step solution for your problem.

It's how:

  1. open a browser and enter the site
  2. select the video that you want to download
  3. if you have found the video that you are looking for, point the cursor on the text title of the video (usually in addition to video images)
  4. make sure the hand-shaped cursor (not the arrow), then press the menu button and find the 'link address' and press the trackball / trackpad
  5. select 'copy address'
  6. then go to
  7. youtube url in the column, press menu and select paste
  8. click download (make sure the link format and not )
  9. select video formats to Blackberry way ... the road is 3gp
  10. selesai and goes well just wait for download and open the media player ...

may be useful

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