How to Backup Data Switch Device BlackBerry 7 OS to the Media Card

Posted by BBCyber on Saturday, October 1, 2011

Now the user's BlackBerry device OS7 + seems able to backup data backup via Blackberry desktop manager, but directly from the device to your memory card! These features are already available in the setup option for BlackBerry devices + OS7

Create a user other OS, can use the application databackup to backup data to memory card.

BlackBerry OS7 only available for new devices released in 2011 is like the Bold Dakota 9900/9930, Updated 9810 Torch, Torch will come 9860 and the Curve 9360 to come. OS7 BlackBerry device does not support the old because it requires a fairly large memory to support these OS7.

BlackBerry Device Switch Features OTA

In BlackBerry OS7 setup option, there are features of "Switch Device" where users can back up BlackBerry data to your memory card / desktop manager and restore / transfer data via memory card into the new device. These steps will save / backup to your memory card, memory card is moved to a new device and restore the data back to the new device. Before any of these features, the BlackBerry user must use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to do the switch if mengantkan devices with new devices. With the new device switches on the device, you no longer need a computer (Desktop Manager) to do backups and data transfers between devices old and new devices. Creating a user more easily replace the device or devices mengbackup data.

See attached screen capture image that shows the feature / option in the setup.

Select Device Switch option in the setup screen BlackBerry to start using the data backup features to the media card.
How to Backup Data Switch Device BlackBerry 7 OS to the Media Card

Switch Device features can also be used to backup data to your memory card

Because of these features mengbackup data to your memory card, you can also use the device features a switch as a backup feature even though you have no plans to change / switch the new device.

Why backup to your memory card?

BlackBerry is a device like a computer that can sometimes occur hang, be nuked (the OS is corrupt, corrupted OS), delete incorrect data (one wipe data if the wrong type the password). It it will make the data on your BlackBerry device is lost. If you do not backup, after reinstalling the OS, the BlackBerry will be empty, should be repeated with the application setup, options, settings, emails, contacts address, fuel data etc ...

So to avoid this from happening, perform routine backups of your BlackBerry data to a memory card with this feature. Previously, maybe you are too lazy to connect to your computer / desktop manager to backup data, or do not have a computer for backup. Now with the backup feature to the device memory card, you should use this feature as keeping your data loss.

How to Use the Device Switch to the Data Backup BlackBerry Media Card
How to Backup Data Switch Device BlackBerry 7 OS to the Media Card

Use the option "Using a Media Card" to save and transfer data to a media card BlackBerry Applications. If you want to restore data to new devices, to restore the data back, the BlackBerry that will be receiving the data must have this feature, which should have OS7 upwards. This feature is similar to you using the BlackBerry Desktop Software (Desktop Manager) to back up and switch devices, the BlackBerry OS7, already equipped with this feature you can use to save / backup data to media / memory card.

How to Backup Data Switch Device BlackBerry 7 OS to the Media Card

Use the "Save Data" to store / backup your BlackBerry application data to the media card, then you can use the option "Transfer Data" to restore the data from the media card back if your data is lost. Media card or move it to new devices / other and restore / transfer data you save / backup to the new device.

Unfortunately, this feature looks like on the desktop manager, the backup is still problematic for "data backup autotext / substitution words" Hopefully RIM will fix in next update. Meanwhile, if you want to backup and move data from the autotext into OS6/OS7 OS5 device, you can use AutoText Backup For BlackBerry applications are very useful to move the autotext to a new device.

Hopefully Blackberrycyber information useful for you.

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