IT policy on how to disable blackberry

Posted by BBCyber on Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Here we give some tips on how to disable an app on your blackberry, if there is a message erorr. Here we give an example on the Foursquare application error appears as below:

"The Foursquare application has attempted to open a connection to a
location inside the firewall and outside the firewall is the which is not allowed by your
IT policy "

Next I will explain how to disable blackberry IT policy on a very disturbing us in mengginstall application, with the stage of disabling the following "

first performed
if you do not have the application downloaded bbsak BBSAK DAPT in
if you do not have downloaded the Desktop Manager application in
The next stage:

data backup with Desktop Manager
backup application with bbsak
run bbsak
click the misc tab
click on factory reset

I hope this information helps to help you

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