If the BlackBerry solution Experiencing JVM Error 102 No Wipe

Posted by BBCyber on Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This time we will provide a solution if there is a message Blackberry JVM Error 102. JVM Error 102 is basically the error message displayed on screen BlackBerry because cod are the corrupted files. So your BlackBerry did not work to load files that are corrupted. But if it happens to you, do not try in the first wipe, but use JL_Cmder to improve tapa should wipe. Download the application here JL_Cmder then install to your PC (for Mac not available). Prepare a data cable and make sure that your BlackBerry has enough battery power at least 50%.

JL_Cmder and wipe with a solution to reinstall the OS BlackBerry isntall can happen because you may have Backup.teatapi if you do not have a backup at all would be a problem and automatically all data content is not updated.
As for the start can be started with the following steps:

  • JL_Cmde software to install and connect your BlackBerry with the data cable to your PC and run applications on PCs JL_Cmder.
  • After JL_Cmder opens, select "Event Log". Might have several times tried to get open, so somehow it is.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the log, and see JVM error 102. In the previous line will surely look what file caused the error. Record the name of the file in notepad or word, example as shown below, the name of the file in a pink outline

  •  From the PC, go to Start -> Run and type "cmd" and press enter
  • After entering the command prompt, enter the directory where JL_Cmder applications installed on your PC. By typing: cd "C: \ Program Files \ JL_Cmder \ JL_Cmder Make sure your folder names correctly if not sure the directory you will not be found.
  • Type the command to remove the corrupted file is: javaloader.exe-u erase-f FILENAME
  • FILENAME is the name of the file that you noted earlier error in the paper.
  • When finished, unplug your BlackBerry from your PC, and try to restart. Should these steps if you correctly then your BlackBerry will boot normally again
Hopefully these tips useful. For the next backup of your data at least once a week for your BlackBerry if the thing does not happen because they have the wipe. Always store your backups on PC's.

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