How to Wipe a BlackBerry Address Book Contacts

Posted by BBCyber on Friday, October 14, 2011

This time we give you tips in managing data contact address would be removed by the user blackberries, there are two ways that buses do include:
Now you need to do away with all the data contacts / address book, your BlackBerry, remember before the wipe, you must first let the backup can restore the data back.

1. Remove data Contacts Address Book Without The Desktop Manager
The steps are as follows:
  1. You also can remove / delete your contacts data via the BlackBerry desktop manager, open desktop manager, click the "device" and select "delete data" and follow the instructions what data you want to delete.
  2. Open the Contacts / Address Book, click the BB menu, click Options, press and hold the Right Shift key and type RSET. (NB: note the type RSET instead of RESET)
2. Deleted data address book contacts without going through the desktop manager.
The steps are as follows:
  1. Open the Contacts / Address Book your BlackBerry smartphone.
  2. Click BB menu and select Options.
  3. Type in the Contacts options RSET  NB: special BlackBerry ® Storm smartphone and BlackBerry ® Storm2 smartphone, click the BB menu to Show Keyboard.
  4. The following message window will appear.
  5. Klik YES:
It means you've disabled wireless sync gmail settings and click "YES" to delete / wipe the contact list.

Hopefully this information useful
source : berryindo

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Beta said...

I want to clean up all my apps from blackberry, thank you guidance.

blog_girl said...


select option>> security options>> security wipe>> then just check the other user's installed applications do not then type in "blackberry" and select wipe

simplenya such a way that

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