FIX Facebook for BlackBerry NO Notifications Error

Posted by BBCyber on Thursday, November 10, 2011

The things that makes Facebook notifications can be an error because there are a few things to note from the download or update Facebook newest version,

Facebook NO Notifications Error BlackBerry

among its possibilities:
  1. Make sure the email log in your Facebook account has been set for the push / receive on your BlackBerry handheld.
  2. Make sure the email notifications are not blocked by your email service provider (aka get into spam / junk folder) Open the email account and check your spam folder if the email notifications you have signed up to the spam folder, if any, unspam the email and save as contacts Your e-mail.
  3. After that, delete your Facebook application on the BlackBerry handheld with the options-applications and looking up and delete Unplug Batterai after the delete.
  4. Check once again whether Facebook is terdelete after the restart and reinstall the Facebook application for BlackBcrry via App World or, restart again (unplug the battery once again)
  5. LOG IN to Facebook via your computer (not a BlackBerry) and the checklist to receive notifications in options
  6. Make sure you ALWAYS LOG OUT Facebook from your computer. Because if you never log out of the computer / laptop / pc / mac you will NOT receive notifications from Facebook
  7. Go to the Facebook application on your BlackBerry and open the options for setting all once again.
  8. Should Facebook apps for your BlackBerry can now receive updates on the BlackBerry.
If you still can not accept, the possibility of it:
  1. Mailbox server from the email account you registered on FB was full. Advisable not to use a work email who have limited quotas. Use Gmail, Yahoo, etc
  2. Try to upgrade the OS in accordance with the recommend RIM as the minimum OS for fuel, the possibility of your OS does not support the latest Facebook as the latest fuel, see the BlackBerry OS Minimum
  3. Blackberry you run out of memory. Perform maintenance by:
  • * * Clean memory every day
  • * * Delete email2 who are not important anymore
  • * * Clean history, cache & temp files your Browser
  • * * Perform a soft reset every morning
  • * * Internet Network is down or peak (usually in jam2 happy hour)
  • * * Mail server is down or too busy
Download OTA  Facebook link to Download the old version v1.7.0.22,

Download OTA Facebook v1.8.0.31

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