How to Upgrade Leaked Blackberry OS

Posted by BBCyber on Sunday, July 17, 2011

Update OS leaks is available only to customers who have the experience to BlackBerry OS upgrade if you are a beginner blackberry, you can learn through the following steps:

A) download and istall BBSAK
B) Create a backup using Desktop Manager
C) Run BBSAK, connect the device using a USB cable, click on "Backup / Restore" tab (in newer versions of 1.6)
IMPORTANT: Selecting WIPE option will erase all data from our BlackBerry!
1) Take a leaky OS for your BlackBerry device and then Install
2) Delete the vendor file as mentioned above
3) Remove tools internal RIM (from Add / Remove Programs Windows manager)
4) Open the "Backup / Restore" tab again and select "Load OS" option
5) Follow all the steps on screen

how to upgrade leaked Blackberry OS

After running the update Desktop Manager, select Backup / Restore and restore your data from backup.

I hope this trick helps you to learn to update the os on your blackberry

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