How to Upgrade The Official Blackberry OS

Posted by BBCyber on Sunday, July 17, 2011

Currently may not know how to upgrade os on your blackberry, if there is not already here I was taught how to upgrade the os, there are several steps that need to be done:

a) Download the latest OS from the official BlackBerry site

b) Download the OS of your choice for your blackberry device
(IMPORTANT: You can not install the OS is not specified for your device, even if the OS came from the same OS, such as the 'Curve').
Latest OS (of course) downloaded from / firmware

c) Install the downloaded exe file on your PC.

d) From the path C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader. (Do not forget to delete the file "vendor.xml, because when a file is deleted morbidly result os that you update to the vendor's operator)

e) Connect your BlackBerry to your PC using a USB cable
IMPORTANT! During OS Update mass storage mode must be turned off

f) Run the Desktop Manager - it should detect the new OS automaticly

g) follow the steps on screen
Remember to make backups before updating - if you're not going to do this you will lose all your data (there is a possibility of data in the os before any updates will be lost)

h) Be patient - reboot after updating the OS can take over 30 minutes

how to upgrade the Official Blackberry OS

I hope this trick helps you to learn to update the os on your blackberry

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