Leaked OS Torch 9810

Posted by BBCyber on Thursday, August 11, 2011

Now there are leaked OS for the BlackBerry users Torch 2 9810, but although not official and still leaks have been many users who use the Torch 2 9810 to their blackberries. For those of you who want the latest upgrade to the Torch 2 9810, please download and install.

If you intend to upgrade your operating system, do not forget to backup your data before using the Blackberry Desktop Manager.

You can also use the BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK), hybrid uploder and BBTool.
expertise required to use this application and do not forget to remove vendor.xml on install.
so please note the way back to avoid errors in the OS upgrade, when you first learned to upgrade the BlackBerry OS, be sure to do so with caution, or try to ask someone who has been accustomed to upgrade the OS.Any risks arising from the OS upgrade beyond our responsibility.

Leaked OS Torch  9810

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