How to Clear Event Log BlackBerry Storm 95XX

Posted by BBCyber on Wednesday, September 28, 2011

if you want to find a way of manually clear the event log on the BlackBerry Storm 95XX

How to Clear Event Log BlackBerry Storm 95XX

1. The default setting for the keyboard in portrait mode was contrived SureType
How: option - Screen / Keyboard - Portrait View Keyboard - select SureType

2. Choose one from the left / right Side Convenience Key Open so Virtual Keyboard
How: option - Screen / Keyboard - Right / Left Side Convenience - Virtual Keyboard (so mo ato the same left-right-aja)

3. Save and then to the home screen

4. On the Home Screen press the key one of convenience we choose who had already (klo gw yg gw jadiin left convenience key for Virtual Keyboard

5. After a virtual SureType keyboard in the form of his appears click and hold!? 123 (no frame on the bottom of its screen position)

6. type, 5, 5 (comma five comma five)

7. The next event logs out ..

8. when going on the run just click on the menu - clear log

I hope this information is useful for you

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