How do I remove Themes Standart with BBSAK

Posted by BBCyber on Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Who want to make sure the themes are not removed in use.
After the install BBSAK, turn on (DM must die)
blackberry conect to a PC with a data cable.

See pictures ........

1. Select "Modify cods

2. hit the "Read System" will read all the COD BBSAK installed on your blackberry.

3. Scroll down looking for:
Our blackberry are the original 5: carrier, L, Zen, today and icon
(in the live image saia 3)

net_rim_theme_XXX_240x260_b ---> carrier of this theme

*: XXX: depending on the carrier

Optional: up to want to be removed ...


Do not diremove:


because it is still using that 3rd party themes ....

do not push anything on the "home screen BBSAK" if you do not know what to do.
BBSAK can not "undo"

4. Select. Cod that would be deleted.
select 1-1 just to be safe ....

5. hit "remove COD (s)" for execute!

blackberry will restart.

may be useful for you

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