How to install Operating System/Firmware For Blackberry

Posted by BBCyber on Monday, September 12, 2011

This applies to install OS 4.0-7.0 and only for Windows (Mac / Linux can not!).

  • Use the original USB cable.
  • Desktop Manager (Desktop Software / DM) have been installed in the PC (on the CD of your Blackberry) (for users of Windows 7: use a minimum of DM 5).
  • Download first Blackberry OS that will be installed
  • Install to your computer / notebook is only 1 (one) → OS is the OS that will be loaded into the BB.
  • Version of DM & OS version ever be installed into your computer / notebook can be seen & can be uninstalled from Control Panel - add remove programs.
  • For Windows Vista & 7 → disable UAC (User Account Control) dr control panel (See pic below).

  • Make sure computers / notebooks & Blackberry in a normal state (Blackberry andBlackberry in the ON condition is detected by the computer / notebook).
  • Turn off the network (Network OFF) from the "Manage Connection".
  • Backup your data! (& Backup 3rd party apps - optional)
  • Should the BB-wipe with jlcmdr Prev upgrades (must wipe before installing the OS) NOTE: DO NOT OPEN JLCMDR / BBSAK (and other soft feather) concurrentDGN Desktop Manager!
  • This way can also be used to downgrade the OS / add East Asian Language(CJK).
  • If fails: click here.
I shall not be liable for any damages and losses of any kind that may occur

Step # 1: Install the Blackberry OS to a computer
Browse to the folder where you store your OS download. Then install the OS files to your computer

Note: Country / region do not have to Indonesia. any country can.

Accepting the license agreement

Install the Blackberry OS to a computer. This process takes several minutes so please wait until the process is complete.

Installation is complete, click Finish.

Step # 2: Delete the file vendor.xml
On the PC, browse to the folder:
[C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader \]
vendor.xml Delete: to install the OS instead of dr operator / vendor your Blackberry
Note: there are several cases where files vendor.xml 'up' again after the delete, ifit happens  turn off your PC internet connection before starting the ritualupgrade.
TIPS: Check also on the folders below, if there vendor.xml file, delete it and turn off your internet connection PC / Laptop
Windows 7 / Vista
C: \ Users \ [YOUR WINDOWS USER ID] \ AppData \ Roaming \ Research InMotion \ BlackBerry \ Loader XML \
Windows XP
C: \ Documents and Settings \ [YOUR WINDOWS USER ID] \ Application Data \Research In Motion \ BlackBerry \ Loader XML \

Step # 3: Connect your Blackberry to a USB computer and run Loader.exe(Windows Vista & 7Run as admin Loader.exe **)
** pd loader.exe right click, select "run as admin"
[C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader \Loader.exe]

Click the Next button

Step # 4: Select the components that will be installed to your Blackberry

NOTE: If at Step # 4 does not appear that the components can be selected as in the pic below, check back to Step # 2
TIPS: Uninstall all the OS and the DM, restart the PC, install lg DM + 1 OS only

Confirmation of applications that will be installed

Step # 5: wait until process is finished loading OS

Remove Blackberry from the USB computer and wait until the Blackberry restart (± 5 minutes).

I hope these tips useful for you

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