Tips to Accelerate Adaptation Hybrid or New OS Upgraded

Posted by BBCyber on Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tips to Accelerate Adaptation Hybrid or New OS Upgraded

we want to accelerate the adaptation of sharing new OS / Hybrid we used to do to our blackberry handled:

Usually, especially after upgrading OS Hybrid in Hybrid maker suggest a hard reset (battery pull ritual) as much as 3x or more, which usually only stable after 2 days or more.

Here we used to apply after upgrading OS or OS + Upgrade Hybrid:

Before the upgrade Prepare Offline Installer:

- Add On (fuel, YM, FB, Twitter, GTalk, MSN and so on lainl according to taste)
- 3rd Part Application (Uber Twitter, Google Maps, Themes, Foursquare, Docs To Go and others as needed)

The goal is not to download OTA back so that it can minimize the network traffic we BIS

Before you run the loader in shrink once by selecting all "Sellect All" by leaving the default fonts, sounds and themes if wanted if we just leave the default font.

after 1st boot into Options / Security Options / Security Wipe /
Tick ​​/ Select the Email, Contacts etc and user application instaled

After the 2nd boot after a restore wipe before we add on new (fuel, ym, facebook etc) and 3rd party appsnya (via BBSAK or via offline installer) and then pull the battery again and reboot again

After the 3rd new boot restore data via DM, once completed immediately go into blackberry messenger, try during the on-screen BlackBerry is not a menggnakan BIS service activities so as not to disrupt the process of updating contact blackberry messenger and his group (see the arrow indicator that turns on the top right corner top of the screen blackberry) is usually between 20min s / d 2 or 3 hours depending on what the hybrid is used along with the stability of the connection at the time

After the above process is completed the new switch to add on another 3rd party or the other, but gradually. For example when logging in to Facebook the waiting time news updates feednya completed then switched to friend list in order to get out of all and so on.

If the above is complete and no activity of its BIS data can be turned off / unplug the battery to restart the reply last time.

Once completed we are undoubtedly the new OS or OS upgrade is complete hybrid handled adapt to our blackberries.

Tips from our so, sorry if still not clear in the sentence summary

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