How to Maintain The Blackberry Battery

Posted by BBCyber on Thursday, September 15, 2011

how to maintain the blackberry battery

Here we want a variety of tips about battery care for almost all types of mobile phones (especially battery blackberry),few years, many mobile phone users use this type of li-ion battery (lithium ion).
This battery is more able to survive longer than other battery types, but nevertheless still need proper care if we want long-lasting battery.Caring battery is always a debate that never runs out, because each person has a different perception.
we can give some tips on caring for this type of battery (of course according to personal experience), and still none the less likely it is appropriate and should be corrected.

As for his tips:

1. for the initial charger is usually always recommended 8 hours or less in mencharger battery, charger actually today almost all have used the circuit breaker when mencharger excessive, but still the flow of electricity into the battery.
to our knowledge it would be better early battery dicharger no more than 4 hours, of course, depends on its battery capacity, usually the larger capacity battery charger then the greater the capacity (using the original charger).

2. for the next charger, almost the average battery indicator will be full in 2 hours charger, several sources said it would be better to let a few minutes of battery full indicator since before we pull out the charger. usually wait until a new cooler adapter unplugged from our Blackberry.

3. Never install the Blackberry battery when not in use in a long time. it is advisable to drain out the contents of a new battery and then unplug the battery from Blackberry, so that the ions in the empty state.

4. Never battery charger within the old, so we practically before bed and then plug the adapter unplugged wake new, though the adapter's ekali again we have a cutting current, but the electrical ions will remain in and cause excess battery power / electricity and due to the often seen is the bigger battery.

5. cultivated less activity when it is mencharger Blackberry, calculated resting our Blackberry as well, so more durable at least should not be used for telephone, this is done so that battery charging can be run normally.

6. use an external battery, it is always a debate, because some parties say will damage the battery until our Blackberry destructive power IC, logically it could happen, as most Blackberry users use a portable charger with strenuous activities, so the electricity coming more and more, then battery resulting in heat, and spread to the IC power that resulted in over heating and short-circuit lightweight, this could result in damage to reply.
advice: reduce the activity when mencharger.dan most important when using a portable charger is immediately revoked after the indicator shows battery full.

7. battery life typically use a count of how many thousands of times a battery is dicharger (in electricity), so the argument that using a car charger will quickly damage the battery. Actually happened was that some of us often turn off and turn the resulting meesin charger disconnected and connect again, this reduces battery life because they are calculated per one incoming power, while also power a car charger that is too large and lead to battery over heating, this can be prevented by see how many amps then adjust the original charger with car charger, not necessarily the same but not too much or even less.
suppose we are 0.5 ampere charger, do not pick charger effuse 2 amperes, because it will surely overloaded, choose a more sesuai.misalkan 0.7 amperes ....

8. when the lights off when charging then, it's better to use battery charger and pull out until just before dicharger, it is useful to extend battery life.

so first the tips, there may be some mistakes or shortcomings, please share to add or change our opinion.

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