Use SAFE MODE When cann't Remove or Uninstall Manually via Blackberry

Posted by BBCyber on Friday, September 16, 2011

Perhaps many Blackberry users who know the Blackberry can be found in Safe Mode is turned on.
Safe Mode on the Blackberry functions exactly the same as Safe Mode in a computer or Laptop.Mungkin way this can be taken if there are new applications that we install the Blackberry causes us to be dead or hangs.

Destination safe mode to get into the Blackberry to delete or uninstall applications that cause problems. OS will run in a minimalist and all applications will be stopped. Especially the applications that run automatically when a new blackberry turn on / restart / boot.

For example: you've just install the application but the application is made ​​the Blackberry so severe, the worst hang or can not get onto the home screen again. all the way to do Hard Reset / Soft Reset and others but still can not too. So its a safe alternative to this mode can be tried to restore or return the Blackberry to it before installing the application by way of delete / uninstall the application with safe mode.

Here's How to do Safe Mode:

1. Unplug Batterai Blackberry.
2. Wait about 30 seconds then plug it back (same as Hard Reset)
3. As soon as the notification light turns red immediately press the back / exit
Use SAFE MODE When cann't Remove or Uninstall Manually via Blackberry

4. Continue to hold the back / exit until the boot process is complete (until no logo)
5. If successful then there will be notification on your home screen like this

6. Just press ok
7. Congratulations you have managed to get into "Safe Mode immediately''to delete / uninstall applications that problematic.

I hope these tips useful for you

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