Blackberry Messenger Without Reading Send Message Notification to The Messengers

Posted by BBCyber on Thursday, October 6, 2011

Actually this is a way to avoid notfikasi message on Blackberry Messenger is marked "R" which means that you have received and read the message, there is no way that can read messages without being aware that you have received a message or read.

But the feature has long been available on the Blackberry Messenger from version era are still using the Blackberry Messenger version 4.5.
The following tips:
• Open BlackBerry Messenger App
• After entering your contact list and visible, press the menu button
• Select the option, look for "save chat history", then replace the "never" be a Device or Mediacard. Suggestions only, you should select Media Card. Then press the back button

Now you're ready to actually avoid the notification of the message sender. But do first test with your friends using the Blackberry Messenger. Ask your friend to send Blackberry Messenger messages addressed to you. When a BlackBerry Messenger message that comes in, do not immediately rush to open the message. Let it first.

Now try to open the Blackberry Messenger application, you will see the unread messages from your friends before or marked "D". Point the cursor to the sender. But "DO NOT OPEN". Next, press Menu, select "view chat history". See the last date, and voila! You can read messages that BlackBerry Messenger. Actually you are reading is the history of chatBlackberry Messenger. So it will not be sent notification that lettered "R" to the sender. If unsure, do deliveries several times and then work out how to "view chat history" again. Please check with the sender's BlackBerry Messenger, if changed to "R"? written notification must be only "D" which means the message has been delivered to the recipient, but not yet read.

So from now on, you can easily dodge to avoid notification messages from the sender if you should have read.
Naughty tips has been tested many times, and it can be used. Should be used wisely yes

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