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Java.lang Uncaugh Exeptions
Error that caused a Java module (COD) OS
Caused corupted module, missing ato incorrect version.
Common in the hybrid OS, because it does not make her dependency

-Error "java.lang" on the screen bb
-Tercatat/traced In the Event Log Viewer (alt + LGLG) and bold (bold).

-When caused by an application, uninstall the application.
-Reload/upgrade/downgrade OS
For ADVANCE: Need understanding / reading of the code error in the event log first to find out which module is wrong / damaged / missing
Replace the module to inject

Its software (OS), so the blackberry can not boot (perfect menu entry)
Because the JVM (java virtual machine) failed to process all the modules required for start-ups

Damaged / corupted its OS module
One version of the application
Remove one module (manual shrink wrong)

Signs nuked:
BB boot loop, can not boot properly.
The boot process continues repeatedly until the battery runs out without a JVM error ato

BB Menyelamaykan that were nuked

JVM error
Above a level more fatal nuked

Full-ROM (Free Memory 0 mb) so there's no wiggle room for the JVM
-Speed ​​CPU / processor and RAM space is not sufficient to process the data.
-Blackberry too hot / overhead due to external causes (over-charge, dried, etc.)
-Lack of battery power (leakage, sluggish, low-batt)
-Hardware malfunction that affects the performance of the OS

Blank-white screen, no error code with a certain number
-Some minor error listed the tab "RESET" to reset handhle
* When "RESET" appears, it is advisable to reset the first with this option. If BB can not boot the new sempuna do unplug battery.

Broadly speaking, Error Codes are classified into 
This error is caused not fitting module cods. Could be due to either install the application, could also be due to a wrong way to install applications.

error caused by the application running in the blackberry.
RAM full applications often result in slow work. When the OS was not able to handle anymore, then this error can occur.

- Is being formulated --- Hardware

- Is being formulated --- Firmware

- Is being formulated --- Miscellaneous

For Dummies: Disconnect the battery (battery pull) or Replace battery is fully charged and healthy
For Beginner: See the section on hardware damage Recharge Batre (bottom)
For ADVANCE ONLY: No JVM or nuked Program
EXPERT ONLY for the JVM via JL_com Repair

Hardware Damage
Crossed Batre
Battery does not work because:
-Out of the total (overdrawn, drain, leaking, damaged)
-Bate can not be filled, (breaking the current path, the port is damaged, faulty wiring, faulty charger ICs)
-One battery (using the battery type who does not fit)
IC power-damaged

Recharge battery if not applicable to the damaged IC
This business is trying to do the charging battery that has run out completely.
Charge battery desktop charger pake

if they do not have a desktop charger:
try this:

1. Disconnect the battery, SIM Card, Media Card, leave open
2. Run Desktop Manager
3. Connect your Blackberry with your PC using a USB cable
4. Wait until the battery image appears folded
5. Replace the battery without removing the blackberry connection with PC
6. Wait for the Blackberry is lit, let the battery charge up to a few lines
7. Unplug the connection, immediately charge with a charger

IC Flash / ROM fail / damaged
Hardware where all data is stored (PIN, Emei, MEID, Firmware (. SFI), Boot Screen, Lock Code and OS)

-Blackberry restart
DM-PIN unreadable
-Exit JVM Error Code (see list JVM Error Code)
-Blackberry can not be upgraded ("wait for device initialization"> FAIL! On Loader)

-Replace Flash IC
Originally Posted by sh4w
ic flash the contents of the PIN, IMEI. average in the patent to boardnya glue. and .. nothing is selling .. when cannibalized than others could be wrote, but the pin and imei change, klo match .. IMEI can be changed to pin the beginning pake R ** ioLab tool.

IC Power
-Blackberry restarts without any error logs on the "Event Log"
-Blackberry dies suddenly

Replace the IC power

may be useful

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